10 Things Women Want in Bed

What do women like in bed? Do women like rough sex? Do girls like men who talk dirty? Is a big dick a turn on for women? Do most women like getting oral sex? If not….why not? (and what do girls REALLY want during sex?)

Any of these questions sound familiar? The vast majority of men (and lots of women, too!) are super confused about what women really want in bed. Some women KNOW what they really want and won’t express it, and others haven’t explored or experienced enough of anything outside of the “typical” sex, to really know what turns them on.

Here is a short list of what women like in bed, as told by women who KNOW what they like in bed! Check out the full article at the link folllowing the short excerpt below. (and if you know a girl who loves a big dick, check out this article from our friends at PE Advantage as well)

6. Make sure you take care of her needs.
“When men finish, that’s the end of it. All they focus on is finishing. Guys need to control that urge and give the chick time to enjoy. Make sure I have an orgasm too before you roll over and pass out.”
-Talia, 24

7. More hot sex positions.
“I wish my guy would surprise me with some hot positions that are different than what we normally do, because I’m really over missionary and doggy style. Put my legs on your shoulders, or pick me up and take me to the kitchen and fuck me on the counter.”
-Jess, 29

8. Go down on her.
“I love it when a guy goes down on me, especially if he knows what he’s doing. Kiss a trail from my neck all the way down, and eat me out. If only men realized how hot that is…”
-Camille, 27


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