5 Signs a Woman Wants Sex

What are the body language signs that a woman wants sex? Can a woman’s body language tell you if she’s interested? What are the signs to look for, and what are the signs she’s NOT interested at all?

Of course, the first rule of sexual body language is this: NO one “sign” should ever be taken as a “yes” or as a signal to act on alone. Always use your common sense, and use the sexual body language “tells” below with class and style and NEVER assume something you read online is more important than what she tells you when you make your move.

That said, like all creatures, humans have a very distinct body language when we’re interested in sex, and that girl you’re interested in is no different 🙂 Let’s look at some super simple signs she may be interested in YOU, below.

  • She pouts with her lips… and makes sporadic eye contact (a dead giveaway)
  • Body POSTURE and positioning is critical (look for toes pointed outward… hips thrust forward)
  • She shows you her neck!  (lots of body language experts say that a woman who shows her neck to a potential partner is an evolutionary sign she is interested)
  • She plays with HER hair… A LOT! (a nervous, subliminal sign of sexual desire)
  • She plays with YOUR hair… even a little..:-) (okay… hopefully ALL of you pick up on this one)



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