6 Reasons Why Women Fake Orgasm (And the #1 Reason You Ought to Care)

Can a woman orgasm from sexual intercourse? If not….why not? What is the best way to make a girl come? Do women prefer foreplay over intercourse? And why do women fake orgasms with men?

There are lots of sex surveys that show that women DON’T enjoy sex as much as we think they do…..especially if they can’t climax. As a matter of fact, if you are worried about YOUR girl not being able to achieve orgasm during sex, you might really NEED to worry! Why? Because girls who say they can’t come during sex, are much more prone to sexual fantasies, and those fantasies often involve OTHER men, that they think will be better in bed. (or at least, be better at giving them what they want in bed)

Some highlights? (or low lights….depending on your perspective..

50% of women admitted that they prefer shopping for shoes over having sex with their present partner
50% of those surveyed claimed they’ve faked AT LEAST one orgasm in the past year with their present partner JUST to get sex over with!
Only 11% of women admitted to being able to orgasm EVERY time during sex with their man (over 90% of the men claimed they could achieve the same)
Over 90% of the very SAME women acknowledged being able to orgasm routinely during self gratification
More than 8 out 10 of the same women said they were able to achieve MULTIPLE orgasms during sex without a partner
90% + of women claimed that the SIZE of their current partner made it tough to orgasm during sex……and wished he were BIGGER!
Only 15% (or less) of the very same group ever admitted that to their man…and most denied it when asked again in the company of their mate!
More than half of the women surveyed claimed to have routine sexual fantasies of other men, and routinely considered the option of leaving the relationship as a result

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