Foods for a Bigger Penis? How to Make Your Penis Bigger with Food (in Plain English)

Q:  What is the easiest way to make my penis bigger with food?  Are there any natural ingredients that can make my penis grow?  If so….what are they and where do I buy them?

A:  We get a fair amount of questions regarding diet and erection size.  Many men hope to increase our penis size through foods alone.  The good news?  You can dramatically increase your erection size from lifestyle choices like better diet.  The BAD news?  Well, foods alone are not going to get it done!

Want the “plain english” on foods for a longer penis?  Start here.

There is no food, no meal, no imported “herb” that is going to give you a bigger penis. Remember what you were told as a kid? If it SOUNDS to good to be true, it probably is. Your diet, by and large, plays a HUGE part in your overall health, wellness and sexual performance as a man. What you eat plays a large part in your sexual appetite, AND your ability to give your partner the pleasure they deserve.

With this being said, your diet, UNFORTUNATELY, is NOT going to make your penis grow..:-)

Here is what is instructive to Know.

Many health care professionals and purveyors believe that certain foods DO play a significant role in your ability to maintain an erection.

Increasing the amount of Salmon, Tuna, Sweet Potatoes, Liver, green leafy vegetables and others are going to enhance the quality of your cardiovascular health.  This will, in turn – allow an  increase in highly oxygen rich blood to flow within your penis, allowing the blood vessels to expand properly, and potentially bringing more fluid into manhood.  (which will allow for longer, stronger erections, and better sex to boot!)


There is much more of course, to great sex than a longer erection – but as most women will attest – it’s a pretty good start!

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