How to: Make Your Pelvic Muscles Stronger (for harder erections and better staying power)

Do kegals work for men?  Which muscles do they work?  How do I increase my staying power, without pumps, pills, drugs or danger?  Do male enhancement exercises REALLY work?  And if so, which ones should I do if I want longer erections, without doing anything weird?

One of the little known secrets that male enhancement experts know all too well?  The PC muscles, found in the pelvis, are hugely important (no pun intended) in regulating penile length, strength and erection control.  As a matter of fact, some believe that kegal exercises, while super common for women, are actually BETTER for men.

How so?

The pubococcygeus (or PC) muscles are FAR easier to exercise than they are to pronounce and are found directly beneath the belly button – and all throughout the pelvic floor.

Tightening, tensing and toughening this area will not help you build stronger, fuller and harder erections, but they are also known to regulate ejaculatory control. (hence they are a favorite target of sexual health counselors and educators)

In other words, if you want a longer erection, and also want to last longer, the PC muscles are a great place to focus your attention, especially in the beginning of any longer term male enhancement exercise or workout routine.

Ok – how do I start?

Another great question! One of my favorite penile fitness techniques is using some light resistance in the form of a cloth or towel, dampening it, and then draping it over the shaft of the penis while doing elevation contractions. This is done by tensing up the muscles in the pelvis as above, and causing your anatomy to elevate accordingly. Holding this position for any length of time is FAR more difficult than it sounds WITHOUT resistance, and using the damp washcloth just adds another layer of “strain” to the workout.

Curious to know more? Check out what the experts at PE advantage have to say about the PC muscle, and how to strengthen them for longer, harder and fuller erections during sex, and a longer dick in ordinary life as well!


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