How to: Tease a Woman During Sex (without turning her off)

what do hot girls like in bed

Q:  What is the best way to tease a woman?  Do women like to be teased during sex?  If not…..WHY not?  What is the best way to drive her crazy in bed…..BEFORE sex?

Any of these questions sound familiar?  The good news is, building slow, erotic anticipation during sex can be a great way to make actual intercourse….MUCH, much more exciting.  Women love foreplay…and women LOVE to be teased in bed as well.

What do I suggest? Easy! Erotic teasing techniques are about the most powerful way to make your girls mind melt with anticipation and lustful longing for more of you! Try a few of these either before, during or even after sex with your girl…..or even a girl you’ve just met!

– Start by Slowing Down: A woman has a cyclical sexual response to stimulation. The more titillating tension you create in her body…the more powerful her release is going to be when it comes. Slow, methodic and erotic movements are very sexy, a tremendous tease, and often have explosively good results!

– Get Erotic with Your Conversation: When was the last time you just whispered into your girl’s ear during sex for 60 second straight? Do you know how many women would simply give their right arm for a man with this kind of mojo? Talk about a turn on….and a tease…and a wild way to work her up before, during and after sex!

– Build Some Beautiful Anatomical Anticipation: This works really well if you’re particularly well endowed, and it simply drives every girl crazy! You simply want to stop and start the process of sex until she’s literally begging you to continue! This works phenomenally well, and of course there are only so many “details” I can write in this article….but I’m sure you can use your imagination and figure out exactly what needs to be done..:-)


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