Don’t Use a Penis Pump: (Do “This” Instead)

Do Penis pumps work? If so….HOW? What do they do? How do they influence penis size, if at all? Will they make my erection longer? And how much does a good penis pump cost?

Any of these questions sound familiar? We get a decent amount of questions about penis pumps, and in general, our answer is pretty much the same.

Skip it.


Because pumps don’t really work. They “promise” to force more blood to and through the penis, which can be a temporary solution for men who have a difficult time getting hard.

But they don’t work much beyond that. (and they can hurt! 🙂

Even a pump that is successuful in it’s mission, isn’t going to give you results that last. (no pun intended)

Essentially, a very short increase in the amount of blood that can reach your penis, (with an EXPENSIVE pump, I might add – most are trash) this is where the pump claims to work.

What it doesn’t do, of course, is change the underlying tissue in the penis, which is where true gains are gotten. (that, as well as tougher, thicker tissue in the PC muscle, which is stimulated due to exercises like jelqing, kegal and more)

If you are thinking about buying a penis pump?

Don’t do it.

Start to jelq. Learn how to massage your penis for greater girth, length and a longer, stronger erection without the drugs or danger. (pumps CAN be dangerous, and many men have suffered embarrassing trips to the emergency room after a penis enlargement pump malfunction. Believe us, we hear from these guys! 🙂

Lastly, here are some funny stories from women, about boyfriends, husbands and lovers who think using a penile pump is a good idea. (pro tip: It’s not – and she won’t be impressed!)

Like, at a baseball concession stand, he said, “Do you like small wieners?” We were too young to talk about it in any adult way, though — to ask questions like How can I get you off? or How can I supplement my size?

Then one night, I looked down, and he had tied a red Kabbalah string around his cock. It was tied very tightly. I said, “Oh, a present for me?” I thought maybe he was being cute and playful. But no. He was like, “Look, I can force the blood up to my dick and make it bigger.”

My reaction: “Oh! Ummm. Okay?” I wanted to know if it hurt, and I wanted to tell him it was unnecessary, but I was too much in a state of What the fuck is going on here? to express myself. He kept the Kabbalah string on his penis the whole time we had sex. It was very strange, especially because we had being going to Kabbalah together. But I also thought it was kind of adorable that he was so committed to pleasing me. I felt a tiny difference in his size. I faked getting off.

I now realize the string was kind of like a D.I.Y. penis pump.

The next week, though, he busted out the real thing. He’d ordered it from the pharmacy. “I thought maybe we could try this?” he said. All that went through my mind was Don’t giggle. Be kind … I said, “Sure


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