How to Last Longer in Bed? (2 “Unusual” Tips for Men Who Finish too Fast)

Are you finishing too fast in bed?  Coming too quickly and wondering if your partners are getting pissed?  There are many ways of increasing sexual stamina and staying power that don’t require any fancy pills, pumps or products, and natural male enhancement methods always work best.

Let’s look at 2 simple ways to increase your stamina, that most men never try.

  1.  Meditation or focused attention on relaxation.  The truth is, while “meditation” gets a bad rap as a hippie or new age exercise, it’s really just another way of getting into a flow state, and releasing important neurotransmitters that reduce stress, feel great and lead to a greater sense of personal wellbeing and self control.  Cortisol, the stress hormone that many of us struggle with (without knowing we’re struggling with it!) is a key factor in many sexual dysfunctions like PE.  (premature ejaculation)  Learning to upregulate seratonin and dopamine through meditation, is a great way of dramatically enhancing your staying power….without doing anything weird.  (or spending any money on expensive sexual performance supplements)
  2. As always, exercises that strenghen the PC muscle in the pelvis (which controls and regulates ejaculation) are a great way of increasing sexual stamina from home.  Lifts, contractions, torque and tension techniques, grips, and applying “stress” to your anatomy, is a great way of testing (and  increasing) your limits, and improving sexual staying power, as well as harder, longer and stronger erections to boot.


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