Obesity and Penis Size?

Can being overweight make my penis smaller? Is there a relationship between penis size and weight? Can body fat shrink my erection, or can it simply make my erection LOOK smaller, instead?

We get a lot of questions about how weight, especially obesity, can influence the size of a man’s penis, and if it can lead to other sexual dysfunctions as well. (thinks like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and beyond)

The truth is, being overweight CAN influence your erection length. How? The more poorly your cardiovascular system operates, the less likely it is that you’ll be able to optimize (or optimally oxegenate) the blood flow to and through your extremeties, including your manhood.

Programs like PE ADVANTAGE recommend that you do try to lose weight, while engaging in a penis enlargement program of any kind, and we certainly agree with this as well. For some more thoughts on obesity, male enhancement and penis size, please read some of the other resources, from around the web, immediately below.

Part of this is an illusion and has to do with seeing things in comparison. For example, imagine two men standing naked next to each other, each with an erection measuring six inches long and having the same girth. Assume they are the same height, but that one has a waist measuring 34 inches and one a waist measuring 44 inches. Because there is so much more mass “framing” the erection in the second instance, it is going to appear smaller than the erection on the first, leaner man.

But there are other, more insidious ways that obesity contributes to the appearance of a small penis. As stated, being overweight does not make the penis actually shrink. However, as a man’s belly grows, so does his pubic pad. This area at the base of the penis grows out over the penis, hiding that portion underneath a layer of fat. It’s estimated that every 40-50 extra pounds a man gains hides about an inch of his penis in this way. So his penis may still technically be six inches long – but with an inch hidden away, it appears to be only five inches.

How else does a small penis result from obesity? Well, obesity is associated with erectile dysfunction. Blood vessels are weakened by excess fat, so erections are not as full and strong, thus when the penis becomes erect, it often is not as long as it was in the past.


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