What Are Male Enhancement Pills Good For?

Are male enhancement pills effective?  What do they do?  Are penis enlargement pills legit?  If not….WHY not, and what is a genuinely good way to make my erection longer?

If you have struggled with a small penis, the simple truth is, you’ll probably do anything to get a longer penis, and stronger and harder erection as well.  And while there are many “advertised” ways to increase penis size, the simple truth is, the vast majority of products and programs don’t work.

So what about male enhancement pills?  What’s the deal, there?

The BEST pills for male enhancement are prescription based.  These are typically pills prescribed for various types of erectile dysfunction issues and NOT for those of you struggling with size.  Viagra and that family of pills are those that are most helpful, but only for men who have trouble “getting it up”.  (and not for men who are sensitive about our size – there are NO pills that will make your penis bigger. Any product that advertises this is not telling the truth)

If you want to increase your penis size naturally?

The best approach is a combination of diet and exercise.  Jelqing, PE contractions, elevation exercises, kegel and more are all effective ways of increasing your penis size naturally, growing your manhood and longer and stronger erections to boot.  Combining this with a good diet to faciliate better blood flow to and through your manhood, is the ONLY way to get super size at any age……end of story.



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