Beware of Fake Male Enhancement Products

There are many horror stories of men buying all “natural” male enhancement products, only to discover that what’s actually IN the bottle, is not what’s advertised on the box. In a recent case, a popular product was pulled off the shelf for having literal prescription drugs in the ingredient mix, including ED medications that have potentially dangerous interactions with other compounds many of us take everyday. The bottom line? Buyer beware~! (and stick to all natural male enhancement ingredients that are found safely in your diet….at the local supermarket, and natural SAFE PE exercises as well)

Epic Products LLC announced a voluntary recall of its Euphoric capsules after an analysis by the Food and Drug Administration found they contained two prescription drugs — sildenafil and tadalafil — that are used to treat male erectile dysfunction. The presence of the drugs makes Euphoric an unapproved drug, according to a release.

Epic sold Euphoric in one-count blister cards, three-count bottles and 12-count bottles at retail stores. The company has discontinued sales of the products.


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