Can Jelqing Cause my Erection to Shrink?

jelqing and erection size

Can PE exercise make my penis smaller? How about erection shrinkage after jelqing? Does masturbating too much make my penis smaller….and in general, should I just leave my junk alone?

There are some strange articles online about masturbation and erection size, and PE Exercises like jelqing, elevation and tension, torque and traction grips causing a man’s penis to SHRINK, rather than get larger. IF that’s true… sounds like a whole lot of us are in a whole lot of trouble! 😉

The truth is, there is absolutely no evidence, nor a shred of proof, that jelqing, masturbation or any other attention to your anatomy will cause shrinkage. Your erection isn’t going to get smaller from masturbation, either….other than, during the refractory period after orgasm.

If you want to learn the right way to jelq, to ensure you don’t have any doubts, we do recommend the PE advantage program. Check it out here. For everyone else, continue reading some more resources on erection size, jelqing, and more from the links below.

How do you know you had a productive session? I’ve just started with the 90 days routine. I warmed up first, stretched and then did some jelqing. After that I warmed down. Question regarding that, what’s the latest? Do you actually “warm down” or do you “cool off” after every session.

Anyway after warming down, my penis kind of shrinked in size and was kind of hard inside (not erected!). Is that a bad thing? Shouldn’t it be fluffy and all?

Jelqing does have long-term effects, but the reason that jelqing provides long-term effects and normal masturbation does not is because there is a very special technique required for jelqing.

Not only that, but you have to be very disciplined with a jelqing routine by doing at least 5 sessions a week.

So, jelqing aside, what are the long-term effects of masturbation?

The simple truth is…..


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