Does Jelqing Cause Infertility?

Can you cause damage doing PE exercises? Does penis stretching cause sexual dysfunction? If so… so? (and how can I learn to safely increase my erection size?)

There are many misconceptions about jelqing. One of them is, you need to stress your penis until it hurts… get great gains. The truth is, you don’t. And you wont’ get any sort of improvement in length, girth or penile size by pulling on your body SO hard, that it hurts.

There is also NO relationship between jelqing, and infertility. So while it is important to be kind to your body while doing any type of exercise on sensitive anatomical areas, do not worry about long term reproductive problems – it’s simply not a worry worth having. (but DON’T pull too hard to hurt yourself either – that’s a sign your doing it wrong! 🙂

For more about the RIGHT way to Jelq, read more from PE Advantage on proper technique. Or continue reading from around the web, at the link below.

If you feel pain that’s big signal that you’re probably over stretching.

Biologically, pain is a signal that was built in as a survival trait.

When you experience pain, that’s your body’s way of telling you that hey you’re doing something wrong.

The same is completely true with penis enlargement.

If you’ve already started doing your enlargement exercises, then you will notice that when you pull on your penis, it actually doesn’t even hurt at all.

The problem arises when you get in the mindset that pulling harder results in faster or more gains.

Now that’s when you experience pain.


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