What is the best way to last longer in bed?  Why do i come so fast?  Do girls care how long sex lasts?  What is the best way to make a woman orgasm if i’m coming too quickly?  Can a man have multiple orgasms?

Any of these questions sound familiar?  We get a lot of emails about how to maintain an erection, how to improve staying power and what to do if you can’t last long enough to please your partner in bed.  The truth is, there is NO one answer to all of the questions above, but our friends at PE advantage have written a great primer on increasing penis size, maintaining an erection even AFTER your orgasm and how to make sure your girlfriend climaxes, even if you come too fast.

We’ll be sharing some short excerpts in the days to come – or you can check out the whole thing here, if you want to increase stamina in the sack tonight.

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